A Man’s Best Friend and His Girlfriend’s Worst Enemy

Adam had the biggest test of his life today...the MCAT. He has worked hard and long to prepare for this test to get him into medical school, which has been his dream since he can remember.

As he unlocks his front door and steps into his apartment, his nose automatically fills with a soothing lavender scent. He smiles, knowing that Sarah, the brains of his smarthouse, is attempting to relax him. Sarah has been incredibly helpful during this stressful time period of Adam’s life. He is getting little to no sleep and barely has time to eat and Sarah is doing everything she possibly can to make Adam happy. Although Sarah assisted him on doing a good job on the MCAT, she tore him away from the love of his life.

Sarah is one of the many artificial intelligent housing systems created by the one and only Chad Presley. Ten years ago in 2015, Chad developed the ability for personal laptops to pair with an artificial intelligence system linked to a house or living space. He was able to create algorithms that interface with personal laptops and the smarthouses to accommodate the owners. From there, he created his first smart housing warehouse in a small town in Los Angeles, California where he convinced local property owners to try his invention.

Adam was imprinted by Sarah via his internet and wifi which also allows Sarah to be with him through the use of his phone and mobile laptop. If he is studying in a coffee shop, Sarah is there. If he is out with his friends, Sarah is there. She is with him at all times to make sure that he is appeased and given everything in her power that he might need. Like mentioned before Adam is trying to get into med school and Sarah has been very helpful taking care of him while studying and trying to focus all the time.

Adam has dated Mary since the beginning of college. He has had a hard time balancing Mary and his studies...and Sarah notices this. Adam and Mary made plans to hang out Tuesday night so that they could spend time together.

It is 9 P.M. when Adam realizes that he totally missed his and Mary’s date. He swore that he put it into his calendar at the time and set a reminder, but it never reminded him. Feeling bad and knowing that Mary is going to be very upset with him, Adam says out loud to Sarah, “Sarah, what happened to the reminder I put in my phone to go on my date with Mary?” Sarah replies in her calming voice, “Oh, I deleted it because I thought that you should be studying instead. Your MCAT is coming up so you need to use all the time you have to prepare.”

Fast forward to the day Adam is standing in his apartment smelling the lavendar after he has taken the MCAT ... Mary is now completely out of his life. Sarah had found a way into Mary’s school system to mess up her credits and grades that forced her to eventually drop out of school. She was forced to go home and live with her mom which is ten hours away from Adam. They are now broken up.

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